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Car Simulator 2, by Oppana Games, is one of the most realistic car games available on Android. While the graphics aren’t crazy, the overall detail that has been put into the performance, looks, and sounds of the cars is impressive. It also features a relatively fleshed out game world, much more so than other car games on the web. Car Simulator 2 attempts to perform like a Grand Theft Auto game, where you complete missions for the mafia, go on races, or complete missions to earn money.


Like any great car game, there are a large number of cars available to buy, unlock and upgrade. You start with a simple yet efficient white four-door sedan, which the tutorial teaches you how to refuel, drive and tune. The main objective of the game is to upgrade your car or buy new cars from the car dealership. These car dealerships are dotted around the map and offer some of your potential future purchases, but you may have to do some work before you can come and buy a brand new sports car!

Car Simulator 2 best features

Car Simulator 2 is a very practical game. You have to get into your car by opening the door, closing the door, adjusting the gear, pressing the gas pedal and then driving through the streets. It gives you a clear tutorial at the start of the game and also prompts you to make changes in the settings menu for sensitivity and other controls. Overall, Car Simulator 2 has a lot of great features that make it stand out from other car games on Android, here is a list of the best and why you should consider downloading this game.

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Comprehensive and realistic controls

Time and effort has been put into these driving controls, with steering and brake/throttle responsive to different finger positions. This makes driving your car easier than you might expect. Although the graphics aren’t amazing – this is an Android game – the game makes up for it with smaller details inside the car, and you get the impression that you’re actually driving this little virtual car. The controls are smooth, and can be easily tweaked in the settings menu if you need to make a small change.

Free to play, free to explore

If you had to compare this game to a more substantial game, the developers clearly took some inspiration from Grand Theft Auto. The open world is quite impressive for an Android game, and there are a variety of missions to complete such as deliveries, working with the mafia and crime, and competing against other cars in fast-paced street races. If you make good progress through these tasks, you will earn coins, which in turn can be used to buy faster cars, upgrade your garages, and even buy a nice house.

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Single player and online modes available

Yes, you read that right, Car Simulator 2 can be enjoyed in single player mode offline or online against friends and other drivers from around the world. These include races and challenges that are more competitive when you’re up against other skilled drivers. Be careful out there though you might want to get some upgrades on your cars before you head out onto the international stage, there will be some amazing cars out there!

Daily rewards and challenges

Log into Car Simulator 2 every day and you’ll get loads of rewards and be able to participate in updated daily challenges, making it much easier to strive for your new cars. Of course, there are micro-transactions that speed up progress, but if you give the game plenty of time to get started, there’s no reason why you can’t earn a cool car thanks to your hard work.

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realistic world

The cars are realistic and the world is realistic. Night turns into day, day turns into night, and you’ll see pedestrians going about their daily lives, and other cars driving around with passengers on their way to work or school. Like Grand Theft Auto, you can engage in some criminal activities, but there is no physical strength for that, like stealing cars or doing other terrible things. It’s mostly deliveries and challenges to a few local gangsters, so the game is very suitable for all ages.

Regular updates from the Oppana Games Team

So far, the game has received a few updates to its life cycle, including new cars, missions, villas, guns, and other items. These updates are always looked forward to, because honestly the game has a lot of potential that can be filled over time. It is true that some challenges end very quickly, and you need to use your coins wisely because you may not have enough left to buy every vehicle in the game by the time the challenges are over. Fans of the game would love to see this change, but it’s probably because the developers want players to spend money on the game.


Tips and tricks for Car Simulator 2

Work hard to earn enough coins to upgrade your cars before taking on more difficult challenges or taking on real players online. Drive carefully in town – you don’t want to attract negative attention from the local police. Keep your car fueled at the gas station, or you may have to pay for someone to come and collect you and your car. And remember, kickbacks are usually cheaper than official tickets!

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