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Cooking and restaurant games have always been popular with gamers especially women and kids. These games always seem popular because they are easy to play, fun and challenging at the same time. Many people dream of owning a restaurant that they can design and run themselves. If you are one of those people, this game is for you!


Cafeland is a game developed by GAMEGOS which has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. In this game, you are going to have the best restaurant game! You can serve a lot of dishes from different cuisines around the world. You can also use different kitchen tools and equipment to make the best food. Apart from that, you can design your own restaurant according to your taste! More on that if you read below!

What is Caféland?

Cooking has been around for longer than we think. But it has greatly evolved with the advancement of technology. Now, cooking is an art in itself and many people learn the skill of cooking to relieve stress. There are many dishes you can cook in the world and many different cooking styles. If you love to cook, this game is for you!


Cafeland is a popular restaurant simulation game with over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store! This popular game lets you do whatever you want to do. You can cook hundreds of different dishes from different kitchens, design your dream cafe, invite celebrities, open many restaurants, complete missions, and more! But the main objective is to serve food and get money! Can you survive in this industry and eventually thrive as a master chef? Read on to find out more.

Features of Cafeland World Kitchen

Cafeland is a great cooking simulation game that allows you to run a cafe and get a lot of profits. Apart from that, the game has a lot of features that you will love! here they are:

tons of dishes – In Cafeland, there are tons of dishes you can cook for customers! There are dishes from different cuisines around the world and you can cook them on multiple stoves. You can grow your menu by unlocking these dishes. You can make burgers, seafood, pizza, cake, soup and much more! Fulfill any customer demand as you expand your restaurant across the city! Can you cook all the dishes and prove that you are the best chef around?

Cafeland-apk-latest version

Design – The joy of owning a restaurant is also in designing it yourself. It is a satisfying feeling to have your design appreciated by your clients. And in Caféland, you can choose from hundreds of fancy decorations to beautify your café! Cover walls and floors in one click! If you are aiming for or getting a luxury experience, you can design your restaurants as such. But whatever you do, it will cost you money, so you need to attract a lot of clients to cover the costs.

completing tasks – Cafeland also allows you to complete missions to earn more money! In this game, you need to race against time to prepare food serving orders. You will need to quickly fill the food boxes with different categories of food. But you are not alone! You will use the help of different chefs and waiters to help you successfully run your own coffee shop!


friends – In Cafeland, you can also play with your friends! Visit your friends’ cafe and help them. You can even send each other mysterious gifts and ask for help! Meet new chefs in the community and expand your circle! In this game, the more help you give, the more help you get!

epic graphics – Cafeland uses 3D graphics but with a top view. Since this is a simulation game, the graphics are absolutely amazing! Running a coffee shop has never been this fun thanks to Cafeland!

Cafeland APK

Cafeland is an epic cooking simulation game that lets you run your very own cafe! Download Unlimited Money Now!

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