Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023

Download Blue WhatsApp for Android and enjoy the latest version of one of the greatest messengers available for any Android device.

WhatsApp features

There are no fees at all: There is absolutely nothing you will have to pay for when choosing WhatsApp as your preferred messenger. The app strictly uses an internet connection, so there is no instance where you’ll need to use your mobile minutes or data to send a text or make a phone call.

Media features: As far as media goes, you will absolutely be able to send and receive most multimedia content through this app. There is almost nothing that you will not be able to send to your friends, family and partners using this app.


free call: Plus, you’ll be able to make phone calls to everyone in your contacts, without paying a single fee. As long as you have an internet connection, you are fine. This is because WhatsApp uses an internet connection over your phones private data or plans its calls. Don’t worry about wasting any of your phone minutes, when you decide to call anyone on your phone’s contact list.

Website Compatibility: The app is also 100% available on the web. So, you can visit the official website to handle and access all the features of the app.

Group chats: Also, you can add multiple people in one call using the group chat option. So, if you ever wanted to hold a group meeting or family event, this is the app for you.

Access the application from all locations: There are absolutely no international fees or charges when choosing to use WhatsApp as your messaging app. You can chat with any of your partners, friends, family or anyone else in the world, regardless of their location. As long as you both have a stable internet connection, a call is just one tap away.

No email or PIN registration: Note, there is absolutely no need to add your email to create a WhatsApp account. There is no priority or incentive to add your personal information to the app. Just make sure you have a phone number associated and you’re good to go!

Download blue WhatsApp for Android

stay connected: Another great benefit of WhatsApp is that, unlike other chats and chat rooms, you will remain logged into your account, unless you change otherwise. Most of the time, you will need to save your password and information on your own device, which can be dangerous. However, WhatsApp will automatically save your phone number and password in its database. So, when you choose to use the app, you will already be logged in, and all of your information will be ready to use.

Offline messages available: WiFi or Internet connection is not necessarily a priority for the app. You also have the option to send your messages offline, and they will be saved on the servers. When you or the recipient has contact of any kind, your message will be sent.

Of course, there are many more features and benefits of WhatsApp. However, if you haven’t already tried it, we recommend downloading this blue version and finding everything and more for yourself.

Blue WhatsApp Plus features added

Blue WhatsApp is a clone of the original messenger with many added features. Moreover, there are several issues that have been completely improved or fixed. So, you can enjoy all the extra benefits with this new version.

blue-whatsapp-plus apk latest version

With that being said, if you keep reading, you can see all the additional benefits of Blue WhatsApp messenger that really blow the asset out of the park. Follow along with us, if you are interested…

First of all, you can customize the interface of WhatsApp the way you want it, unlike the original version. This is indeed a huge benefit that most people pray in the standard version of the messenger. However, Blue WhatsApp Plus has an original feature. To this extent, you can modify all your themes and different chat aesthetics of the app. This makes Blue WhatsApp Plus more convenient and personal than ever before.

You can even disable voice calls from deleted contacts. Is someone bothering you? Well that doesn’t matter, no one ever has to disturb you when using this app because you control all incoming calls and messages to your profile and account.


Broadcasts can also be sent to everyone in your WhatsApp, not just the ones in your Messages. This gives a great deal of versatility to your overall account and the number of people you can connect with,

Of course, there are many different features associated with the app, but you will have to install it to see for yourself.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus now!

With all said and done, you should definitely choose to download Blue WhatsApp Plus for Android on your device right now. This is the perfect app to add to your device. The original version was already a popular app on any Android. So, with this upgraded version, you’d be crazy not to add it yourself.


Moreover, there are also a lot of different apps that you can add to the library of Android apps and games on our website. However, go ahead and check out everything else available on our site and you will be surprised at all the different ways you can socialize and connect with different people all over the world. Blue WhatsApp Plus is not the only way to message and call.

But, go ahead and download and install the app now to start connecting with all your friends and family across the world.

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