Bloons TD 6 APK 34.2 download for Android

If you’ve ever played mobile games – or even Flash games – in the past, you’ve likely heard of Bloons Tower Defense. The franchise, now shortened to Bloons TD, is one of the most popular strategy games on mobile today, with loads of different games under its belt.


For those who have not played this game before, the basic assumption is that there are a lot of balloons trying to force their way across the map to your base. If a certain amount of balloons are allowed past your defenses to your base, you lose. You must build monkey towers to shoot the balloons before they can reach your base.

Developed by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TD 6 adds more monkey towers, new types of balloons, and more upgrades to the game. It is now the most fleshed out version of the game to date. You can have fun fighting against those pesky balloons with more towers, crazy weapons and more boosters than ever before!

New features in Bloons TD 6

With each successive release of the Bloons TD franchise, you will notice that there are constant upgrades and that you will always be able to take advantage of new towers. TD 6 is no different. The game now has more fortifications, opponents, and upgrades than ever before.

New towers. There are now 21 towers, each with five upgrades – compared to four in the previous game. There are engineer monkeys, chemist monkeys, and priest monkeys that are all new appearances.

You can now fight balloons in more ways than ever before. You can choose from three upgrade paths for all of your towers, which means there are a variety of directions you can take to get the optimal defense in place.

New Moab Balloons. There are of course new enemies to deal with as well. The mother of all balloons (Moab) will give you a really hard time unless you have specific towers to fight the thing with. There are also brand new purple balloons. Your strategies must evolve to take account of these new enemies.

bloons-td-6-for-android.  bloons-td-6-for-android

New upgrades. You can now develop your knowledge of the Monkey Tree with more upgrades than in previous games. This allows you to unlock new towers, upgrades, and rewards that will help you along your journey. Make sure you are always looking for the right people.

Hero monkeys. You can now use one of nine hero monkeys, each with 20 unique upgrades. These things can tear balloons easily and you can customize their skins to make your gameplay more unique. Try them out!

New maps. There are 36 unique maps to play on in Bloons TD 6. Some of them even have 3D objects that will block your field of vision, adding more challenge to the game. Play through every map in the game to become the dominant monkey!


How to play Bloons TD 6

For starters, the best way to play this game is to build a variety of defenses that can eliminate several different types of balloon opponents. In other words, don’t build just one type of tower. This might work for the first level, but you’ll quickly realize that there are new types of balloons all the time and they often require a different approach to defeat.

For example, having archers in the early levels is effective, but you’ll be better off with cannons because these archers quickly become useless even against lightly armored balloons. On the other hand, the canons can be constantly upgraded to be more effective as the game progresses.

You’ll also want to get some snipers and ninjas into the mix early in the game. While the Ninja aren’t quite as effective against your regular balloon, they do have incredible stopping power, which makes them extremely useful against camouflage balloons that you’ll have to quickly contend with as the game progresses. Snipers are great at grabbing armored balloons from a distance, so definitely invest in some of these early in the game.

Download Bloons TD 6

Download Bloons TD 6 to get more unlimited money, unlock all, knowledge and other rewards while playing. This will give you a huge advantage and allow you to upgrade the best towers from the very beginning of the game.

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