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Middle Ages was cruel as people always used swords. It is an era when survival of the fittest was most prominent. People were tough back then because you wouldn’t stand a chance if you didn’t have the skills. In Bloody Bastards, you will enjoy a unique 2D fighting game where you will find it difficult to move your character. Fight against your fellow bastards today and enjoy sweet rewards.

Bloody bastards mod apk

In this game from Tibith you will fight in a medieval game with ragdoll physics. This means that you will not be able to fully control your characters as this makes it more difficult. Fight a lot of villains today and unlock many types of weapons. These include maces, swords, knives, axes, hammers and many more! You can also unlock more than 100 devices that can protect you in battle. There are thousands of levels to complete today!

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Medieval based combat

There are many genres of action and mobile games today. If you’re into action, you can choose from a variety of games that let you fight. Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of interesting battles and players. However, not all fighting games are created equal as there are some that are trash. So, if you want to stay away from those, we suggest you play Bloody Bastards right now.

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This game is unlike anything you’ve played before simply because it has unique gameplay and a unique theme. It is set in the Middle Ages when knights wore steel armor and were ruthless. Here, you will fight a lot of scoundrels who dare to challenge you! You can then teach them a lesson by using different weapons like swords, hammers, knives, axes and many more. You can also equip many equipments like shields, body armor, boots and many gears to protect yourself.

Moreover, you can play in different locations in a variety of levels today. Enjoy challenging opponents with different play styles today! You’ll have a hard time navigating, but you’ll enjoy it.

Bloody Rascals features

Want to fight against men in the Middle Ages? Enjoy Bloody Bastards today and fight to your heart’s content.

bloody bastards apk free download

medieval battles – You may not know this but the middle ages were brutal. Knights wore incredibly heavy armor as well as weapons and people fought a lot. But if that’s your cup of tea, then today you can enjoy my bloody bastard. This is a game where you will enjoy fighting against a lot of villains today. Here, you can enjoy different opponents who have unique weapons and different armors.

You can also equip a variety of weapons such as swords, knives, hammers and many more! Mix and match different equipment from head to torso and feet in this fun game. Enjoy the unique ragdoll physics that make this game fun to play today. Since you cannot balance yourself easily, you will need amazing skills and strategies to win. More than that, you will enjoy fighting to your limits while unlocking many weapons as you win!

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Use many weapons – Here, there are a lot of weapons to use like maces, flails, hammers, knives, axes, swords and many more! Use the weapon of your choice today as you fight many others. Here, your opponents will also use different types of weapons. You must then use unique strategies just to win and resist your opponents.

Equip more than 1,00 equipments – There are also a lot of pieces of equipment here. To be exact, there are over a hundred of these that you can mix and match. You can choose helmets and heavy pants to protect yourself. Or if you have enough money. You can rock a fully gold-plated armor that will make you look like a king. Shields will protect you from others who will attack you. Most importantly, they look great and you can even upgrade them!

Bloody Rascals apk latest version

Face many powerful opponents – Here, you will face many opponents who will start off easy. There are thousands of levels to overcome, so today you will face many enemies. All of them have different weapons and equipment and you will face tougher weapons the higher you go. Here, you will face the best opponents as you prove your skills.

multiple places – There are also a variety of locations in which you will fight such as plains, fields, and many more. Enjoy a variety of sites today!

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Do you like medieval battles? Enjoy bloody bastards today and fight with your fellow bastards.

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