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Minecraft has dominated since its release. It is now the most popular game in terms of sales. Although the game looks very simple, it attracts a lot of players of all ages with its addictive gameplay. If you like Minecraft and Roblox, you will love this game.

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Blockman Go is a popular arcade game with over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. This game borrows elements from Minecraft and Roblox and turns it into something even more epic! In Blockman Go you can play various mini-games with your friends, chat with them and make new ones! The game uses beautiful 3D graphics that will also melt your heart. There are a lot of things to do in this open world game. Read on to find out more!

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What is Blockman Go?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for years past, chances are you’ve heard of Minecraft. You might be playing it even now because millions of players still do! It is still one of the most popular games of the moment even a decade after its release. If you like Minecraft and Roblox, you will love this game!


Blockman Go is a popular mobile arcade game that features the Minecraft elements you know and love. The world of Blockman Go is made up of blocks that have their own characteristics. In this game, you can play in many mini games with your friends and family. Apart from that, you can customize your avatars, chat with friends, and do all sorts of things! Play and win more rewards in this game. Read on to find out more!

Blockman Go features

Blockman Go is a popular arcade game that allows players to create their own avatars and participate in various mini-games. If you are a fan of Minecraft or Roblox, you will love this game! Here are its features:

Tons of mini games – What makes Minecraft interesting is the fact that it contains games within the game! This means that you can play a lot of things without leaving the game. In this game, you can participate in any mini-game just by clicking on the game. Join and play with your friends in various multiplayer games that allow you to enjoy different things. There are different types of games in Blockman Go such as PvP, survival, FPS, and more!

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Customize your character – Another aspect that you will love about Blockman Go is the ability to customize your avatar! The dress-up system in Blockman Go offers tons of options for you and your friends. There are plenty of designs for every mood you are looking for, be it casual or dressy. Join the fashion game and instantly become the best-looking character in the game! Impress strangers with your looks and win games.

block graphics – Blockman Go borrows the block elements that made Minecraft and Roblox successful. Despite this, in Blockman Go there are more unique elements that will make the gameplay more interesting. However, all of the same elements you know and love in Minecraft are in this game! If you are looking for something different, this game is for you!

chat – The best part about Blockman Go is that it lets you chat with anyone you meet in the game! You can make friends with anyone by sending private messages and joining group chats.


Regulations – The controls for Blockman Go are the same as with Minecraft. You control your avatar with the arrow keys on the left side of the screen, after which you can create and remove blocks with the button on the right. You can also adjust your orientation by swiping across the screen.

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Blockman Go is a great game that allows you to participate in tons of mini games with your friends! Download now!

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