Blades of Brim APK 2.19.36 download

Enjoy Blades of Brim for Android! This game is brought to you by the same producers as Subway Surfers, so you know it will be addictive. However, this Endless Runner game comes with a bit of a twist. You have a weapon on hand and you can kill the enemies on your way.


This game can be played anytime and anywhere. As an offline game, whenever you find free time to enjoy a quick run, just take out Blades of Brim.

How to play Blades of Brim

As an endless runner game, Blades of Brim will put your character on a rail with no clear end in sight. But this game also has some action elements incorporated into the gameplay.

You can move your screen left and right to change the lane you’re in. Also, swiping up will have your jump; Scrolling down will make your character roll.

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When there is an enemy in sight, you can use your strike commands to attack automatically. In addition, swiping forward towards a monster will cause you to perform a lunge attack. And while you’re airborne, you can perform combos on flying enemies to keep you afloat.

Extra features

Here are some additional features of the game to enjoy. Without these features, the game would not have been as fun as it is.

  • All the fun of a traditional endless running game. Run, jump, slide and avoid any obstacles that may come your way.
  • Collect essence and gold coins while running. You can use these to upgrade your character as well as your weapon.
  • Kill anything that comes in your way. Nothing is more powerful than being dealt with with your blade in hand.
  • Also, you can befriend several pets to join your rides. These pets can include wolves, horses, and even dragons.
  • Level up your weapons and armor options. With these you will become an unstoppable force during each of your runs.
  • The makers of Subway Surfers are also behind this game. It guarantees 100% high quality gaming experience to everyone who happens to choose this game on their device.


In addition, the graphics are also great. Everything is in high quality 3D. Everything is cartoonish and reminds you of the same quality as Subway Surfers, which is not surprising.

What is endless runner?

Endless running or endless running games are just what they sound like. You will be assigned to a specific location with many obstacles. The goal is to last as long as you can physically. There is no major end goal, just keep running.

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In addition, missions can be completed to keep you more entertained between each of your solo runs. Make sure to check out all the added features to keep playing for longer.

Blades of Brim APK Free Download

Download Blades of Brim APK with unlimited money and other different versions for many shortcuts in the game. With these mods, you’ll never have to worry about grinding and running for hours, just to get that specific upgrade.

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The APK version is definitely the way to go, if you are short on time and want to unlock all the features from scratch. And there is no reason why anyone should not choose this version.

These extras and features make a modified APK file the obvious choice for download. So, feel free to install this version on your Android device right now!

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