Betternet Premium APK 7.0.0 Free Download Latest Version

Stay safe and secure with a VPN service to keep your information and browsing private. As such, you must download Betternet Premium for Android to get exactly this for free!

Betternet VPN features

  • wifi security: No matter what internet service or hotspot you’re using, you don’t have to worry. You’ll stay protected, since all traffic is encrypted with a VPN. You can feel safe and protected at all times.
  • Hidden mode: Encrypt all your browsing activities without having to get an incognito installation or add-on. Betternet comes with this mode, and it’s already positioned as the app’s core functionality.
  • Scammer mode: Bypass all geo-restrictions placed on the Internet. Not only can you hide your location, but you can make it look like you’re accessing the Internet from a completely different location.

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Unblock secured websites and apps: Bypass regulations or censorship from your government by accessing this VPN service. No service remains blocked when you can completely ignore geo-restrictions and unblock all websites and apps.

Remain anonymous: Your IP address and location will remain hidden at all times. Therefore, you can stay anonymous when you search the web and keep up your activity. Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

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Complete security: Even when you are in a public place, you are still safe. Free VPN – Betternet Premium allows you to access any WiFi or hotspot and stay safe from hackers.

High speeds: Also, the app will automatically connect you to the best server available in your area. The result, blazing fast speeds when you use Betternet VPN services.

Protected hotspots: Public hotspots are the easiest target for hackers to access your information. As such, you can stay protected and secure from these attacks with the available VPN proxy uses. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Your privacy will be guaranteed.

Betternet Premium Hotspot VPN cost

Originally, there is a paid subscription between users and the ability to access Betternet Premium. So we also listed the different prices, so that users understand the difference between subscription plans and devices.


One thing to note, getting the subscription services directly from the main site will allow you to save more than 50% on different packages. This is definitely the way to go, if you decide to choose to pay for your access to Premium.

the website Subscription plans are as follows:

  • $11.99 per month – 1 month access
  • $23.99 for 6 months – This works out to $3.99 per month, saving 50% on your plan.
  • $35.99 for 1 year – This plan is reduced to $2.99 ​​per month. Meaning, you save up to 66% per month when you choose this plan.
Download betternet-premium-for-android

the android Subscription purchases are detailed as follows:

  • $11.99 per month – Similar to the website, this is 1 month access.
  • $47.99 for 6 months – You can really see the difference between the versions here.
  • $71.99 for One Year – One Year Access is a ridiculously pricey one, as you can see. This is why it is recommended to get the plan directly from the site.

Betternet Premium APK Free Download

Get Betternet Premium APK free download to unlock all premium features for free. This is the ultimate solution to the app’s expensive subscription plans. Ignore all the flaws and immediately go browsing for free.


With that being said, don’t waste any time. Even now, hackers can try to break into your device and retrieve this juicy information. Go ahead and download the Betternet Premium APK Android file now!

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