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Music games are not as popular as more popular genres like shooting, action and survival. But it is one of the oldest games and it is definitely still alive today with many games being published. If you are a fan of classic rhythm games, you should be able to enjoy Beatstar today! Here, you can discover new songs and enjoy the ability to swipe right to instruments! This game brings back the classic generation of music games that we all love today.

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If you feel like listening to music isn’t enough, playing it to master your favorite songs is the next best thing. In this game, you can enjoy your favorite songs and experience a whole new world! The gameplay is simple as you will just need to follow the rhythm and tap the tiles perfectly as they pass through the line. The challenge is to follow the beat perfectly and enjoy the music at its best. There are a lot of artists today who have collaborated on many songs here!

Be the master of music

The world of music games is not as big or popular as other genres. But it’s a genre full of similar games with interesting concepts today. But the most popular form of music game today involves passing to the beat of the music and tapping tiles. In Beatstar, you can enjoy tapping instruments, vocals or beats on the beat to master the song. With this innovative game, you can enjoy new songs from your favorite artists today!

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Here, you can collect songs as you imagine the best Coachella songs ever stocked in one game! There are hundreds of artists with their best songs available here that you can play right now. Now, you can try to beat the high scores and try to enjoy the ultimate playlist here. There are tons of tunes to master and tons of songs to play in this game. You can even share your new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score today!

Can you become the best instrument in this game today? Here, your music and reflexes will be tested!

Beatstar highlights

Who does not listen to music nowadays? In Beatstar, you can not only listen to your favorite music, but also play it!

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Hit the beat – Not everyone has a knack for composing music but anyone can listen to it. But if you want to do more than just listen to your favorite songs, you can try playing with it. In this game you can play a game where you can tap on the beat to play the music. With this said, you must be pale to experience an exciting challenge where you will need to awaken your instincts and deep love for music! There are a lot of challenging tasks ahead of you but your skills will try to help you here.

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collect songs – There are a lot of songs available to listen to today. Millions of songs have been produced since mankind was able to compose them. Now, you can listen to a new song literally any time you want. But in Beatstar, you can collect a lot of music to play like Wake Me Up, Gangnam Style, Blinding Lights, You Should See Me in A Crown, Happier, Lalala, The Middle and many more. There are a lot of different genres and artists available to enjoy in this game now.

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The best thing about this game is that it can act as a streaming service if you want to. Here, you can discover new music you didn’t know existed!

Beat your friend’s high score – This game allows you to compete for high scores that you can brag about!

Download Beatstar APK

If you enjoy music and like to play, download Beatstar today and get that exciting new feeling.

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