Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod APK 2.7.0 (Open Ball) Free Download

It is not surprising that music-themed games are fun games that allow you to enjoy music along with some games. Usually, games like this zone are especially addictive for teens and those who love music. These games are the most fun because they are addictive and intuitive. If you’re looking for the next best, try Beat Jumper EDM Up today and you won’t be disappointed. This is a music bouncing ball game!

beat jumper edm up mod apk

Here, you’ll need to follow the beats to move from one piece to the next until you reach the top. You can swipe left and right to control where the ball will go each time in the game. It’s similar to Piano Tiles and other music-based games you can enjoy today. Here, you can unlock various songs and levels and beat the high score!

Bounce in the tiles

There are many fun music games that have been made over the past years. These games are exciting and addictive especially for those who are musically inclined. You might have played Piano Tiles or similar games before and love them to the bone. But today you are looking for the next best addictive game that you can play whenever you feel bored. Today, your search ends as we bring you a fun new game to try.

beat jumper edm up apk latest version

It is called Beat Jumper EDM Up and it has been published by Amanotes as today it has more than 10 million downloads. It is a simple music game that lets you jump from tiles to tiles up with a bouncy glowing ball. Here, you can time your jumps on playing music as you savor responses to it. You can unlock several new songs that correspond to the levels each time. The colors change when you reach certain thresholds and you can even collect crystals today and get higher scores!

Enjoy simple controls that you can use to pass the ball to both sides. You can also upload your own song and enjoy!

Blues EDM beat up features

Nothing can stop you from jumping on different squares in tune with the music in Beat Jumper EDM Up! Here are its great features:

beat jumper edm up apk free download

Bounce from slab to tile – We play games when we are bored or when we want to relieve some stress. Games are a way for us to escape reality for a while and go somewhere stress free. This is why a lot of games today include music to give players a sense of comfort. If you also like playing to relieve stress, try Beat Jumper EDM Up today. This is a music based game that lets you bounce a ball in tune with the music.

To play, just tap the screen and swipe left and right to control the ball. There will be different discs that you need to jump on, of different sizes. There are also diamonds that you can collect on your way to unlock many songs and many other features. Enjoy beating your high score today and play many songs to relax and have fun.

Download beat jumper edm up for android

Many songs to unlock – In this game, there are a lot of songs that you can unlock for you to play. Each song perfectly matches the tiles in the game so you can easily climb up. There are many genres of songs available such as pop, rock, classical and many more. There are also popular songs available such as Chandelier, Counting Stars, We Don’t Talk Anymore, and much more. You can unlock all of them in the game today to try and have fun!

Unlock Songs, Balls and Themes – There are many diamonds that you can collect in the game through different squares today. Here, you can unlock many different songs with the diamonds you have collected. You can also unlock many types of balls and themes to enjoy.

beat jumper edm up mod apk new update

Easy controls – To play this game you just need to hold the screen and swipe left and right to control the ball. That’s how easy it is to control the ball today! However, there are different tiles of different sizes and locations and there are also moving stones. The challenge never ends when you play this game and unlock many new things.

Upload your own song – You are also free to upload your own songs in this game today! You can choose from the songs available on your phone or any other songs that you want. The game automatically matches levels with the song to make it playable.

Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod APK – Unlocked Ball, No Ads

Do you want to relax today? Play Beat Jumper EDM Up and enjoy a relaxing game full of music and tiles!

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