Battery Sound Alert APK 2.10 Free Download latest version

Download battery sound alert for android now. This tool will allow you to receive full notifications with sounds, depending on the battery status. Whether you are low, full. Plugged in, charging, etc… You will always be aware and concerned about the life of your device at all times.

Battery sound notifications features

There are a large number of different features and benefits associated with the Battery Sounds and Notifications app. If you are interested in modifying and configuring your notification sounds in this way, then this is the app for you. However, go ahead and check out the various benefits associated with the app here:

Download battery sound alert for android

First class service: There is a continuous background service going on at all times. All of this is triggered once you update your app. The services will automatically run in the background of your Android mobile device.

Custom notification sounds: Of course, you will be able to customize and configure the sounds associated with your notifications using this app.

Custom battery percentage options: You can adjust how the battery percentage is displayed. Find the style that matches your own preferences.

Text-to-speech tool

Various ringtones associated with the application

sleep mode: You can choose custom hold periods between each service with the app. This can save battery and mobile data, while still running apps on the side.


You can also choose to ignore the system audio profile. What this means is that you will be able to play specific sounds in both silent and vibrant mode. If you want a particular notification to sound while others remain silent, this is the option for you.

You can even choose to disable services during a phone call. This is entirely up to your own preferences. However, it can sometimes be annoying to get constant notifications and sounds during your phone calls.

Accessibility: Of course, the battery sound alert app is amazingly easy to use. There are simple tap controls that will make all actions accessible and performed within a few seconds.

That’s not all, there are still many options that can be accessed with this tool. Accordingly, we have listed all the different tools and options available. Check them out and you will get a better understanding of the sound notification tool.

Battery sound alert apk latest version

Here are the different options:

  • First, charge the battery
  • Battery discharge
  • full battery
  • Likewise, the battery is low
  • Battery connection
  • The battery is not connected
Battery sound alert APK-free-download

All of these work in conjunction with each other. So, no matter what your battery status is, you will always be informed and aware of your status.

Battery sound notifications apk free download

With all that being said, you can go ahead and download the latest Battery Sound Notification APK for Android right now. Whether or not this version offers benefits beyond downloading the Google Play Store, we recommend it. You are already on our website, go ahead and refer to the download link now.

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