Archero Mod APK 4.3.5 (Unlimited Gems & Money) Download 2022

The idea of ​​the game is to kill as many enemies as possible before you die. You will gradually move through each level, claiming more and more money as you progress and evolve your character and weapons. Each chapter gets progressively more difficult, so make sure you take the time to practice and make sure you upgrade your arsenal to face subsequent opponents.


Enemies range from zombies to giant spiders to pirates and just about everything in between. There are thousands of enemies and obstacles to overcome, so you will never get bored of fighting them. The game goes on hundreds of levels, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough to play.

Hundreds of unique skills

You can combine hundreds of unique skills to make your character a formidable fighting force. Try to get the best possible skills and weapons by collecting coins and maintaining high health and you will be able to quickly upgrade your character.


To get some of the best early upgrades, try the Bounce Upgrade. This will allow your shots to bounce between enemies and is very effective early in the game when opponents are relatively weak and you’re not fighting bosses.

Bloodthirst is another good game – this gives you some health for every enemy you kill, which makes the game a lot easier overall. Attack speed is also useful as it allows you to attack enemies faster. This is especially useful when you are up against a large group of enemies.


Tips and tricks for playing Archero apk

It’s important to get to know the game a bit if you want to progress and not get stuck in the same missions. If you die, you have to start from the beginning, so not dying is always best.

  • Make sure you pay attention to the different attacks made by different opponents. They are not random. Some opponents will only shoot in a certain way and knowing that can help you not get under their attacks.
  • Stand quietly to target one enemy. If you stay still, you’ll keep targeting one enemy until he’s either out of range or dead. You can use this to eliminate a specific opponent without distracting other enemies. Watch out, though – if you’re being charged by a large group of enemies, then you can keep an eye on what you’re doing from somewhere so you can always eliminate the most pressing threat.
  • Take the devil’s bargain. Sometimes, you will have the option to take the “devil’s deal” – and this is sometimes a good ability that you can use to your advantage. Take it if it’s good, and leave it if it’s not. This is the best general rule.
  • Use cover to dodge enemy fire. You can use rocks and other obstacles on the map to avoid enemy fire – but be careful of enemies who can fling their projectiles over cover. Stay tuned and you will be fine.
Archero for Android
  • If you run out of power, you can watch an ad to get it back. Yes, it’s a shame to do, but whatever it is, it gives you the resources you need to beat the game.

Archero Mod APK – Unlimited Gems & Money 2021

If you want to have an easier and more epic gaming experience, you can simply download Archero APK Mod One Hit, God Mode to defeat the enemies quickly.

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