Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK 1.47.0 (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast for Android to join a new way to play the popular pig blasting game. Join the 3 most famous birds and start blasting bubbles (and pigs) to advance in each level.

Let’s play Angry Birds Dream Blast

So, how do we get started? In fact, it is very easy to start playing the game. There are three aspects of Angry Birds Dream Blast that make up the game. Birds and bubbles are the main target or target. You will need to organize these within a certain amount of turns to pass the level. Let’s move on to each of these different areas:

the birds: These will be your tools, as in any other AB game. These birds will be trapped in bubbles that explode on contact. Exploding these cute creatures will destroy any colored bubbles in the vicinity. You can use this to your advantage to match the same color bubbles together.


On the other hand, there are layers for every bird. To increase the level, you will need to have two Angries of the same level communicating; They will integrate at the next level.

  • The first layer will be the angry red bird. This one has a smaller blast radius than their blast radius. In addition, they will only burst bubbles and hogs horizontally. Use these guys in moderation.
  • Next up, the happy yellow bird is next level. Created by combining two reds, this bird has a much greater range of blast and can cover more directions.
  • Finally, the anxious black bird. You can get this fat guy by mixing two happy yellow guys together. This person completely eliminates everything that is close to him completely. Make sure you plan to get creative and use it as a last resort to get it all out.

dream bubbles: Now, bubbles are easier to understand than birds. All bubbles are coloured. Clicking on any bubble will make it disappear and add it to the collected number. However, if you add 5 more than the same color at once, you will get the first degree of birdie. The more dream bubbles you collect at once, the bigger the bird.


Objective: Finally, the objective will vary with each level. Sometimes, you will need to collect a certain amount of dream bubbles. Other times, you’ll need to erase pigs or dream clouds from the board. Either way, the goal is your clear shot to pass each level.

Graphics and sounds

When you think of Angry Birds, what kind of images might come to mind? Of course birds, pigs and a lot of angry faces. The graphics of the game perfectly complement this cartoonish and exaggerated atmosphere. The 2D cartoon style graphics and digitally drawn backgrounds make the game very interesting to look at.

As for the music and sounds, it is everything you would imagine from the Angry Birds series. The music is very sad, but it evokes a sense of excitement when playing. You can really feel the pressure of trying to pop these bubble birds and complete each objective to perfection.


As for the sounds, these birds sound great and playful. Every time you try to blow one of them, they scream and shriek in excitement, followed by a single pop of pop! The feeling is very satisfying. In fact, you may find yourself playing for hours, just because of the game’s addictive sounds.

Angry Bird Dream Blast Mod APK Free Download

Now, the mod version of the game allows you some additional benefits of bubble-blasting fun. So, getting the latest Angry Birds Mod APK can give you:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited life
  • no ads

Get this to completely ignore the waiting time between each level’s losses. Now, you can try again as many times as necessary, without any flaws. So, download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK now!

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