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Be aware, user. This genie has magical powers that will astonish even the most skeptical person. No matter what secrets lurk in the depths of your mind, they will be revealed by the power of this mystery man. How does he do that? The only way to find out is to download AKinator for Android and ask it yourself.

Ask him anything

Akinator is not just a genie who knows all the people in the world. In fact, this magical genie has the ability to predict almost anything that comes to mind. Therefore, you can choose from various themes to test his powers. If you think you can get over this guy, just give it a try.

Here is different themes Associated with Akinator. But trust us, there is a 99% chance that he will always predict what’s on your mind.

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Personalities: Akinator’s main attraction is his knowledge of the people of the world. And this is not just limited to real-life characters. This Genie can even predict fictional and animated characters. In just a few short questions, this guy’s brain algorithm will magically guess the exact personality (person, monster, or whatever) that was into you.

Surprisingly, it can even predict whether you are thinking about your best friend, family member, or even yourself!

Things: Things are not out of his reach either. Think of an item, a tool, or even a household object. Akinator Genie knows everything. He is a man of science, history, psychology and much more! Nothing gets it. Try to beat it with similar tools, but we guarantee that this won’t work.

Movies and TV Shows

the animals: Similar to any character in the world, the Genie also knows the animal kingdom. Regardless of whether these animals are extinct, existing or even fictional. His powers transcend this current dimension. It might just be 5y dimension with omnipotence.

Akinator vulnerability

There is one way that Akinator will not know about the topic you are thinking about. That is – if you are not sure about the details and information of your topic. Genie Game can’t overpredict its competition. Meaning, if you don’t have information on a certain character, animal, etc… Akinator will not be able to outsmart you.

Akinator APK latest version

This means that lying is definitely out of the question. You can’t try to fool a psycho. Instead, honesty is the only way to play. For example, if you have a movie star character, you can’t tell Akinator that this person has never been in a movie before.

Reward Akinator Genie

The more predictions that this genie gets right, the more coins will be collected. These coins can be used for more customization options.

Much like the Genie from Aladdin, Akinator isn’t limited to just one costume. There are a variety of different accessories and clothing options for him to wear. There are many notable and iconic clothing options, such as Elvis Presely outfits, sombrero, cavalier outfits, and more. Give this guy a little nip, he’s earned all that coin for himself.

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In addition, there Aki Awards. These are different colored championship belts that can be rewarded based on the goals the elf has accomplished. These belts will range from the most standard belts to the most prestigious championship title of all time. Furthermore, these are the following Aki Awards, organized from lowest to highest, based on their worth:

  1. Basic: Those are rewarded with basic predictions.
  2. Bronze: Not too hard, but less known predictions given time.
  3. silver: If Aki can spot your lesser-known predictions in a few tries, he deserves this award.
  4. gold: Keep testing Aki. Gold is only for the sexiest who can prove themselves against the most challenging ideas and questions.
  5. Platinum: Give him some time to identify what these super tough topics are.
  6. black: If Aki can predict something that seems impossible without any challenge, he deserves black!

Check out the Hall of Fame

Players from all over the world compete to test this genie. Therefore, it would make sense to have a fair rating system for all to see. From here, you can check out either the latest ranked rankings, or the all-time highest overall ranking. However, if you are new to the game, you have nothing to worry about. Because the leaderboard hall of fame They are constantly updated and reset after a predetermined time. Even if you are new to the Akinator Genie game, there is always a chance for you to rank high. So, don’t miss your chance and check the times periodically.

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But that’s not all, there are also Super Awards which is awarded to the players with the best predictions for Aki. The best of the best will be shown in a file Latest Super Awards Monitor.

NB: Hall of Fame, Last Super Awards, Aki Awards, and Customization can be accessed from the home screen.

VIP access

For those who have invested an account with Akinator the Genie, can they really experience the wonders. VIP grants unlimited questions without ads, plus saved answers for future use. Sign up for an account with Genie and test it out for yourself.

Akinator APK Free Download

You can get the latest version of AKinator APK for your Android and get access to VIP features for yourself. What’s more, they will be available to you for free!

So, don’t stay here twiddling your thumbs. This magical man of riddles welcomes anyone who approaches him. Download Akinator APK for Android and ask away…

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