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If you are active in the social media field, you will know that this game has been going around quite recently. It is one of the most talked about games currently and everyone seems to be playing it. So, what exactly is Adorable Home APK?


Simply put, Adorable Home is a game for everyone, even action-adventure game lovers! You just can’t resist the adorable cats and the lovely atmosphere that the game offers. It’s a simple yet addictive and relaxing simulation game that you can’t stop playing for hours on end. Do you want to know more about this beautiful game? You’re in luck, we’ll talk about everything in this article!

Beautiful house, great gameplay

Of all the great games out there today, this is one of the most beautiful! At the beginning of the game, you can choose the gender of your character as well as your partner. If you fancy a relationship between two male or female characters, that’s up to you! Nobody will judge you! This is one of the beautiful aspects of this game.


Then, the game begins when you and your partner move into a cute new house in the suburbs with an adorable cat named Snow. This is a new chapter in your life, so it will be challenging, but rewarding. Your task will be to stay at home and take care of the house, pets and your partner.

It’s a great house but the challenges will get more difficult as you progress. But don’t worry, you will have a lot of relaxing moments in this game!

Nice controls

Adorable Home offers players a simple and relaxing gameplay. This is why the controls are simple. Just press and hold. No need to memorize complex sequences like some games, this is very simple at its best.

adorable-home-new version

Nice features

Since we can’t tell you how great this game really is, we’ll just let the features speak for themselves. We’ll show you everything the game has to offer as well as some tips afterward. Stick to it! ready? Here are the features of Adorable Home:

Customize your space – If you are fond of home design, you will love this game! Highlight your design skills and try to make your home as beautiful and cool as possible. You can customize anything here such as furniture, your garden, boxes, and more.

Love as an in-game currency – In really cool style, the in-game currency is called Love. Cute, isn’t it? The love you get allows you to buy everything you need in this game. And you can get it by watching TV, taking care of your pets, preparing food, and watching video ads.


Take care of your adorable pets – Even if you don’t have pets in real life, you can have them in this game! The first pet is your cat named Snow. Apart from that, you can get other pets like dogs and birds as you advance in the game. But as you know, petting cats is not a walk in the park. It always involves a delicate touch. Here are ways to take care of your pets: clipping their nails, petting them, and bathing them. Each of these tasks requires different sets of skills, so be sure to practice.

be a good partner Apart from taking care of the house and pets, you need to take care of your partner too! Your partner works every day, so you should prepare bento boxes, too. The way to do this is to buy food from the store with Loves you have. If your partner loves your food, you will get more love. Winning, right?


Animated graphics and relaxing soundtrack – One of the main aspects of why this game is so successful is that it offers a unique animation style. At first glance, you would think that this is not a game. Combine that with relaxing background sounds and you are practically in heaven!

Great tips for the home

While this game may look easy on the eyes, it is actually quite challenging in some aspects. One aspect is taking care of your pets. You know, cats are hard to read, that’s just right! But don’t worry because we will help you with that. Here are the tips:

Keep feeding your pets – Just like in real life, you need to feed your pets to win their trust and love. In this game, you need to be up to date with the cat food bowl. It should never be empty! The more you feed your cats, the more love you will get! But don’t stop there, if you can save them, feed higher quality food to get more rewards!

Adorable home for Android

Watch video ads for more love – Are you having difficulty collecting enough love to use for your daily expenses? Don’t worry, just press the upper right corner with the + button to watch a single video. After watching, you will be rewarded with 50 hearts! Do this up to 10 times a day and you will get 500 hearts. Very neat, isn’t it?

Preparing the bento box – At Adorable Home, one of your jobs is to take care of your partner while they go to work. Use your cooking skills and put together a very attractive and delicious bento box for your partner! The better and higher quality food you prepare, the more hearts you will receive when your partner likes it!


Keep more cats in the beginning – When you take good care of your pet Snow, you will get more opportunities to increase the number of your pets! Buy more kittens first to accompany your cat and give her all the love she deserves! Also, don’t forget to play with them every day to earn rewards.

Adorable Home Mod APK – Unlimited Hearts, Money

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