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Download 9 Months for Android to learn the ins and outs of the entire process of a pregnant woman. In this baby simulator, you will need to grow your fetus into a full-fledged baby. To do this, you will have to watch every step you take during the months of your pregnancy. This is a good game for educational purposes and a good alternative to pass the time.

how to play

The game plays basically the same. In order to pass 9 months, you will start with your fetus. From this point on, watch it grow and develop. As it grows, it will gain more and more cell parts. Depending on the growth of the child, you will gain more cells per second.

9 months-mod-apk

You can use the cells to buy more content, or just use the premium currency to do the same. You can go to the store to get different alternatives to this process. You can buy more cells, or you can even watch different sides of the baby, including its parents. Apart from that, there are also accessories available within the game to use for another layer of fun in this educational experience.


The graphics are not very realistic, but they are real enough to understand the process being shown. Everything is in 3D with some HD visuals for everyone to appreciate the growth of the fetus even more.

9 months APK latest version

This game may not be for everyone, but it remains a spectacle for anyone who chooses to continue playing.

9 months apk free download

If you’re ready to download the game yourself, you have an option here. You can download the latest version of the 9 months APK for Android to make some modifications to the original version for convenience. On the other hand, you can get the boring basic version, which no one will want to do.

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